Hazrat Zaynab (S) Speech Text in Levant

Hazrat Zaynab (S) Speech Text in Levant
According to the book, Lohoof, the speech tone and the sermon of Hazrat Zaynab (S) in Levant are as follows:

After the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (A.S) on the 10th day of Muharram month in 61 AH, his family were captured by the enemy.

On the 12th day of Muharram, at dawn, the family of the Messenger of Islam (PBUH) led by Hazrat Zaynab (S) and Imam Zayn al-Abidin (A.S), left Karbala to Kufa. After arriving Kufa, ibn Ziyad and the courtiers were joyful and held a ceremony for their triumph. Then they headed for Levant, where Yazid was living. When the heads of Imam Hussein (A.S) and his companions and the captives were presented before Yazid, a ceremony was held as great as the previous one. Zahr ibn Qays, who was the representative of ibn Ziyad for leading the caravan, delivered a long speech on how Imam Hussein (A.S) and his companions were martyred. 

Then among the people, some objected against capturing the family of the Prophet. Yazid remained silent and did not answer to them. When the heads of Levan city, whom were invited to the triumph ceremony by Yazid, arrived, the captives and the sacred heads were brought to the ceremony.

An Indian man from Levant asked Yazid to give Fatima bint Hussein to him as a bondwoman. Then Hazrat Zaynab (S) tried to prevent him from doing so. A bitter discussion started between her and Yazid. He began to beat the sacred lips of Imam Hussein (A.S) by a piece of bamboo. Seeing this, Hazrat Zaynab (S) rose up and gave a sermon.


The same text is written in the book of Abu Mikhnaf and his translation is as follows: 
Zaynab, the daughter of Ali ibn Abi Talib, rose up and said," Thank God who is the Lord of the Worlds and Peace be upon the Prophet and all his family. Truly, the Glorious God said, "Ugliness will be upon those who committed evil works, those who denied the verses of Allah and mocked them." O Yazid, do you think that you made everything on the earth and the sky difficult for us and you left us with no choice but to be captured and taken as bondwomen? Do you think that we became degraded and you found honor before God and have a dignified position? So you consider yourself a great man and you feel proud about yourself. Did you feel glad at that you saw everything was based on your desire in this world, and everything is happening as you wish and the government which was our right is taken over to you? Calm down! Slower! Have you forgotten the promise of the Lord, Almighty, that says, "Let’s not those grieve thee who rush headlong into Unbelief: Not the least harm will they do to Allah: Allah's plan is that He will give them no portion in the Hereafter, but a severe punishment". 

O son of the freed ones! Is it justice that you keep your women and slave-girls in seclusion but capture the daughters of the Holy Prophet? Is it justice that you desecrate them and unveil their faces and enemies take them from one city to another and the natives and strangers stare at them and the people of their city and other cities as well as disgraced and honorable ones see their faces? No man and nurse accompany them. How can we be hopeful that the one who would chew the liver of the noble ones and spit it out from his mouth and is grown up by dripping the blood of martyrs takes care of us (i.e. what one can expect from the son of Hind, a woman who ate the liver of Hamzah?) How he who is revengeful against us since Badr and Uhud wars, can stop being our enemy? He always looks upon us by hostility. Then you sing this song, without seeing yourself a sinner who has committed a big sin, "Then they started and rejoiced, and then they said, "No more.""

"فاهلوا و استهلوا فرحاً ثم قالوا یا یزید لا تشل".


Then you strike Imam Hussein on his teeth with a stick in your hand! Why should you not sing the song while you have hurt our hearts and have cut our roots by shedding the blood of the sons of the Holy Prophet and the Stars on the earth from amongst the descendants of Abdul Muttalib? Then you call your ancestors and assume that they hear your voice. Soon you will join them and wish you had been blind and dumb and had not said what you said and had not done what you did. O Lord! Procure our right and take revenge upon those who have oppressed us and take wrath at whoever shed our blood and killed our supporters. O Yazid! By Allah you have pulled off your skin and cut off your flesh. You will soon go before the Prophet of Allah while you are responsible for shedding the blood of his sons and desecrating his family and the one he loved the most. At that time, Allah will gather them and take back their rights. Do not think of those who are slain for the cause of Allah as dead. They are alive with their Lord and receive sustenance from Him. (Surah Ale Imran, 3: 169). God is enough to judge you and Muhamad (PBUH) to be angry at you and Gabriel to be his assistant.

Soon, the one who provided the grounds for your sovereign and made Muslims to carry you upon their necks will understand that oppressors receive bad rewards and will understand whose position is worse and whose assistant is weaker. If the difficulties of the time make me talk to you, know that, I will degrade you and reprimand you a lot. The unrest and impatience you are witnessing are not originated from being afraid of your power and majesty. Rather, it's because our eyes are weeping and our hearts burning.

It is so difficult that the nobilities who are in the division of Allah get killed by the freed ones who are in the party of Satan and our blood drip from their hands and our flesh be in their mouth, and those pure corpses be visited by wolves of the dessert and be rolled over on the ground by hyenas (a metaphor for their loneliness). O Yazid! if you see us as your booty, today, the booty will cause your detriment very soon when a time arrives that you cannot find anything but what you did. And Allah is not cruel to His servants. We only complain to Him against you and we trust Him. O Yazid, employ all your deceitful actions, do all your efforts, but, I swear to Allah that you cannot blur our names and memory, you cannot stop our revelation, you cannot eradicate us and you cannot wipe out the disgracefulness of your oppressions. You are losing your power day by day and your followers are scattering. Once will arrive that the one who calls for rights says, "May God curse the oppressors."

I pray for Allah who gave us prosperity and blessings originally and ended us up with martyrdom and mercy. We ask Allah to increase their rewards and determine a good successor for us. Allah is merciful and loving and He is enough for us in every task and He is the good defender.

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