“At All Social Levels, We should Follow Razavi Ideals” said the Superintendent of Astan Qods Razavi

“At All Social Levels, We should Follow Razavi Ideals”  said the Superintendent of Astan Qods Razavi
“All the levels of society should follow Razavi ideals, which are rationality, spirituality, morality, and social justice and these factors should be found in a city that wants to be Razavi-like. They should be present everywhere” said the superintendent of Astan Qods Razavi.

Hujjat al-Islam Seyyed Ibrahim Raeesi participated in the closing ceremony of the 15th Razavi festival at Thursday night in Khorasan Razavi and said: “According to what Imam Reza (A.S.) has said, the Muslim society should protect human dignity, we should treat people with dignity and reaching dignity cannot be made possible except through communicating with the generous and the munificent.”

Noting that dignity can be available to one through revelation, he added: “In the area of acquired dignity, we should have activities that are approved by God and by Imam Reza.”

The trusteeship of Astan Qods Razavi said that there are seven billion people living on the earth, and said: “We should see how many of this number behave according to the conduct of Imam Reza and are enacting Razavi culture. All words should be based on monotheism, and the advantage of the speech of Imam Reza is that it is in line with the thought, hearts and minds and understanding of people and toward the pure Mohammedan Islam and connects with God and God’s disciples.” He said that the truth about being a true servant of God is that human beings should reach a high spiritual level in relation to God, Imams, the public and the nature, and added: “The building block of an Islamic city is monotheism.”

Claiming that all the problems will be solved only through moving on the path of Imam Reza, he emphasized: “All the aspects of society should be in line with Razavi and Islamic ideals such as rationality, spirituality, morality and social justice and in a city that wants to be Razavi-like, these factors should be present everywhere”

Mentioning that Quran structures are based on the four bases of religion, inviting to the good deeds, forbidding from the bad deeds and God-centered movements, he said: “Late Imam Khomeini (R.A.) considered Imam Reza holy shrine as the capital of Iran.”

“Everyone has a choice in an Islamic system and Iran is the leader in this field and unfortunately this right has been denied in Yemen, Libya and other countries, and according to the supreme leader the problems of countries such as Palestine, Yemen, and other countries can be solved with the participation of people and according to the speeches of Imam Reza, we are the protectors of human dignity and one should treat people with dignity and reaching this cannot happen but through communicating with those who are dignified”

Oct 5, 2017 11:14


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