Imam Reza International Institute has Found its Place in the World

Imam Reza International Institute has Found its Place in the World
“Today, the festival has found its proper place among the Islamic Countries”, said Khorasan Razavi governor, talking about the increase in the variety and quality of the programs in the international festival of Imam Reza.

“This year, the celebrations of the Ten Days of Munificence seemed different in Mashhad; this is because the holy city of Mashhad has been chosen as the Cultural Capital of the Islamic world” said Alireza Rashidian.

“The coincidence of these two matters, plus the restart of dispatching pilgrims to Beytollah Al Haram, casts a novel look from the centrality of Imam Reza noble source to the Islamic world, and now what we need most is the return to Towhid (monotheism), unity, empathy and alliance” he added.

 Khorasan Razavi Governor talked about the supreme leader’s speeches and emphasized that “we should be the propagators of unity, just as Imam Reza (A.S.) emphasized this fact throughout his rich life.”

“This year we held cultural activities of Razavi festival in more than 70 spots around the world, and we increased our activities by 80%. Also, we had an 87% increase in the works sent to the festival, which is another sign of the growth of this foundation” said Rashidiyan.

Oct 5, 2017 10:22


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