Imam Hussein's (A.S.) Purchase of Karbala Lands

Imam Hussein's (A.S.) Purchase of Karbala Lands
On the third day of Muharram, Imam Hussein (A.S.) settled in the lands of Karbala and Omar ibn Sa'ad entered the desert of Karbala with his troops.
Imam Hussein's (A.S.) Purchase of Karbala Lands
On the third day of Muharram, Imam Hussein (A.S.) settled in the lands of Karbala and Omar ibn Sa'ad entered the desert of Karbala with his troops.
According to history, after settling in the land of Karbala Imam ordered for setting up the tents, but with one significant difference, in their previous trips they would set up the tents on hills and high lands, this time Imam had commanded that they set them up on flat or shallow lands. Perhaps the reason for his command was for preventing women and children from witnessing anything from the battlefield so they would not experience fear and terror. 
Hurr ibn Yazid Riyahi who has been commissioned by the enemy to block Imam's way with his troops, camped in front of Imam's convoy, and as his first move he announced Imam's entrance to Karbala to Ubayd Allah. 
Purchase of Karbala Lands
Based on the historical narrations one of the incidents that has happened on the third day of Muharram, was the purchase of the lands of Karbala by Imam Hussein (A.S.). Imam had bought the lands from the people of Neynava with the condition that they should guide and be hospitable to any pilgrim who is fond to visit the graves of the martyrs and Imam.
Omar ibn Sa'ad's Entrance to Karbala
Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad sent a letter to Imam on the second day of Muharram and wrote: "Yazid had commanded me that I should either have you and your companions to pledge allegiance to Yazid and surrender or I should not let you stay alive." Imam Hussein (A.S.) did not answer Ubayd Allah's letter, he told his messenger that there was severe punishment awaiting Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad.
Thus Ubayd Allah commanded Omar ibn Sa'ad to start the war with Imam. Omar ibn Sa'ad had been promised to reign over Ray by Ubayd Allah, but he was afraid to fight against Imam Hussein (A.S.) and did not obey Ubayd Allah's order. However Ubayd Allah said that the only condition for reigning over Ray was to fight with Imam Hussein (A.S.), while everyone around him discouraged him from this battle,  Omar ibn Sa'ad accepted to start the war with Imam Hussein (A.S.).
Eventually Omar ibn Sa'ad entered Karbala with an army of 4 thousand troops from the people of Kufah on the third day of Muharram.
When Omar ibn Sa'ad entered Karbala, he sent Azarat ibn Gheys Ahmasi to Imam Hussein (A.S.) to ask Imam the reason for coming to this place and that what his intention was? Since Azarat was among the people who had written letters to Imam, and had invited him to Kufah he was ashamed to go to him. Therefore Omar ibn Sa'ad asked the aristocrats of Kufah who had written letters to Imam and invited him to Kufah to do this order. All of them refused to visit Imam. But a person named Kasir ibn Abd Allah Shoa'ybi who was an indecent man rose and said: "I will go to Hussein, and I will kill him if you want me to."  Omar ibn Sa'ad said: "Currently I do not have such a decision, but go to him and ask him what is his intention for coming to this place?"
Kasir ibn Abd Allah went over to Imam Hussein (A.S.), Abusamameh Saedi who was one of Imam Hussein'd companions saw Kasir ibn Abd Allah and told Imam: "The man who is coming forth is one of the worst people on earth." Then Abusamameh stopped Kasir ibn Abd Allah and said: "Leave your sword and then go to Husseain!" Kasir replied: "Swear to God that I will not do so! I am a messenger, if you let me, I will convey my message, otherwise I will turn back." Abusamameh said: "I will put my hand on your sword and then you can convey your message." Kasir ibn Abd: "Swear to God that I shall never let you to do so." Abusamameh said: "Recount your message to me so that I would convey it to Imam. I shall never allow you to visit Imam, since you are a very indecent man." After this argument and dispute Kasir ibn Abd Allah went back without any meeting and informed Omar ibn Sa'ad about the story.
Omar ibn Sa'ad summoned a person named Gharat ibn Gheys Hanzali to his presence and said: "Gharat, meet Hussein and ask about his intension for coming to this land." Gharat ibn Gheys went to Imam's side. Imam Hussein (A.S.) asked his companions: "Do you know this man?" Habib ibn Mazaher replied: "Yes! This man is Tamimi, and he is known for good will, I did not thought I would see him at this scene and in this position." Then Gharat ibn Gheys came forth and greeted Imam and conveyed his message. Imam Hussein (A.S.) said: "The people of your city wrote me letters and invited me here, and if they are not pleased with my arrival I shall turn back." When Gharat was returning Habib ibn Mazaher told him: "O' Gharat, woe to you, why are you returning back to the unjust side? Assist this man whom fathers had guided you to the right path." Gharat said: "I will convey the answer of this message to Omar ibn Sa'ad, and then I shall think about this matter." Thus he went back to Omar ibn Sa'ad and informed him about the case.
Omar ibn Sa'ad's Letter to Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad
Hasan Fa'ed says: "I was at the presence of Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad when they delivered Omar ibn Sa'ad's letter. And the letter said: "When I arrived with my troops against Hussein and his companions I sent a messenger to him and asked him about his intention for coming, he answered: "The people of this city had written letters and sent me their representatives and had invited me here, if they are not pleased with my presence I shall turn back."" After reading Omar ibn Sa'ad's letter, Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad said: "Now that he is trapped in our grip he has hope for salvation, but now is not a time to escape."" 
Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad's Letter to Omar ibn Sa'ad
Ubayd Allah wrote to Omar ibn Sa'ad that: "Your letter was received and I learnt about its content, ask Hussein ibn Ali that he and all his companions should pledge their allegiance to Yazid, if he did so I will write you my opinion."
After receiving the letter Omar ibn Sa'ad said: "I suppose that Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad does not seek peace and bless." Omar ibn Sa'ad did not inform Imam about Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad's letter since he knew that his excellency would have never pledged for any allegiance.
In his mind Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad was dreaming about a massive troops after he send Omar ibn Sa'ad to Karbala.
Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad at the Nakhilah
Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad personally moved from Kufah to Nakhilah, and send a messenger to Hasin bin Tamim who had gone to Ghasediyeh and he came back to Nakhilah with four thousand troops. Then he summoned Kasir ibn Shahab Haresi, Muhammad ibn Asha't, Ghagha' ibn Suyad and Asma ibn Kharejah and said: "Navigate in the city and command people to obey and submit to me and Yazid, warn them about disobedience and setting up an intrigue, and summon them to the battle camp."
Thus that four men followed the orders, three of them came back to Nakhilah to Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad, and Kasir ibn Shahab stayed in Kufah walked among passages and streets and encouraged people to join Ubayd Allah ibn Ziyad's army and warned them about helping Imam Hussein (A.S.). Ubayd Allah appointed a group of horsemen between Omar ibn Sa'ad and himself to use them when needed. While he was staying at the battle camp of Nakhilah, a man named Ammar ibn Abi Salameh decided to assassinate him, but he failed and he then went to Karbala, joined Imam and was martyred.
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