“Razavi Hadith” Conference to be Held in Qom

“Razavi Hadith” Conference to be Held in Qom
Coinciding with Wilayat week, the National Conference on "Razavi Hadith" focusing on Imam Reza’s (A.S) theological and doctrinal Hadiths will be held in the holy shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh (S.A).








As one of the categories of the 13th International Imam Reza (A.S) Festival, with the approach of Imam Reza’s theological and doctrinal Hadiths, the national Conference of "Razavi Hadith" will be held by the Qom General Office of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and Dar al-Hadith cultural institute in Qom. The festival will be held on Wilayat week, starting on Qadir Khom fest and ending on Mobaheleh Day.
Reconstruction of models of inference, explanation and defense of religious teachings based on Razavi narratives, and retaining of Razavi tradition in matters of theological teachings are among the goals of this conference. The topics of the conference include Imam Reza’s theological Hadiths, doctrinal teachings, linguistic heritage, historical images and Razavi words in others’ perspectives.
The first person will receive 20 million Rials grant for Umrah, the second, and third winners will receive a 15 million Rials grant of air travel to Atabat Aliat, and those selected as the fourth to sixth will be awarded 10 million Rials grants to travel to Atabat Aliat. The deadline for submission of papers is May, 21st, 2015.
Those interested can send their works to the following address: Culture and Communication Deputy and International Affairs, Dar al-Hadith Scientific and Cultural Organization, Jihad town, Qom City, Iran. For more information, visit qom.farhang.gov.ir or www.hadith.net. They can also send their papers in Word Format to hrazavi@hadith.net.


Jun 6, 2015 20:00


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