Reward of Visiting Lady Masumeh (S.A) Shrine from Imam Reza (A.S) View point

Reward of Visiting Lady Masumeh (S.A) Shrine from Imam Reza (A.S) View point
One of the most remarkable points about Lady Masumeh (S.A) – the most benign of Ahlul Bayt – is that next to the fourteen infallibles, none of the prophets and saints but her have been recommended to be visited. In the authentic narrations of three infallible Imams, deserving comments have been used in praising Her Eminence Masumeh (S.A) such as "She is from heaven," "Paradise is for her" and "Heaven is constant for her," and heaven has been assigned as the reward of visiting her shrine.

In the same line, Sheikh Saduq quotes Imam Reza (AS) with accurate documentation: "The heaven is for he who visits her." With authentic evidence, Ibn Qoluyeh quotes Imam Jawad (A.S) in the book "Kamel al-Zyarat": "The heaven is for he who visits my aunt in Qom”.
Among other honors of Her Eminence Masumeh(AS) is that the pilgrimage prayer book on her has been provided by her brother Imam Reza(AS). Because second to Lady Fatima (SA), she is the only woman quoted in a pilgrimage prayer book and none of the women of the household of Infallibles has a special pilgrimage prayer book issued by an infallible Imam.
The first person who built the dome of Masomeh’s shrine
In "Lady of dignity" by Ali Karimi Jahromy, the story of Lady Masumeh’s journey (AS) to Iran and the description of her funeral is given as follows: Ma'mun Abbassi forcibly summoned and brought Imam Reza (AS) from Medina to Merv in 200AH. Longing to meet his brother, Fatima Masomeh moved from Medina to Merv in 201AH but was taken ill in Saveh.
At this point, she asked: “how long is from here to Qom?”“Ten milestones,” they said. She told her servant to take her there and he did thereupon.
The importanceof this statement is that Qom was a city since then that was known for its interest in the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) household and this name was familiar to Lady Masumeh (AS) who had spent all her past in Medina.
However, there is also another recount of the case and certain scholars consider it more accurate. It goes that as al-Saeed family learnt of Fatima Masumeh’s sojourn in Saveh, they agreed to go out, meet her, and invite her to go to Qom.
Musa ibn Khazraj took the initiative, took her camel’s bridle, and directed it towards Qom. He hosted her for sixteen or seventeen days, and she is said to have died there. Then, the devotees of Ahlal-Bayt (PBUH) buried her in the Babylonian land under Musa ibn Khazraj’s ownership – and now the land embraces her paradisiac shrine – and built a roof of straw on her holy tomb and it continued to be in that form until Lady Zainab (AS), Imam Jawad’s daughter (AS), built a dome on that noble tomb.

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