What is the Meaning of Saying Salawat?

What is the Meaning of Saying Salawat?
One of the things that may have caused some questions for some people is that “what is the meaning of sending blessings upon the Prophet?” in other words, when we say: “Bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad” what have we asked God to do? Are they not in total perfection?

God commands believers in the holy Qur'an to send blessing upon the Prophet: “God and His angels send blessings on the Prophet; Oh you who believe, send peace and blessings on him and submit to his commands.”(Ahzab, Verse 56).
The prophet’s position is so great that the glorious God and His angels send blessings and peace upon him and it is better for the believers to join in this majestic melody.
In addition, sending blessings is equal to asking for mercy and this means promotion of the spiritual authority of the Prophet and his family, and when the angels and the believers send blessings, it means asking for mercy and forgiveness. It is indicative of their spiritual greatness and status.
Invoking Mercy for the servants of God
It should be mentioned that sending blessings upon the Prophet and his family by the believers is like seeking mercy for themselves. Because the Prophet (Allah bless him and his family) and Imams (Peace be upon them) are agents for the grace of God. If we do not send greetings and blessings upon them, we have actually deprived ourselves of the Divine Mercy. Hailing the Prophet will purify our deeds and the approval of our good actions. Also it causes our prayers to be accepted and our sins to be atoned for; it shines on our paths and shows us the right way in the Resurrection and helps us enter heaven.

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