“Razavi Book of Wisdom” Unveiled with Deputy Minister of Culture, Islamic Guidance Present

“Razavi Book of Wisdom” Unveiled with Deputy Minister of Culture, Islamic Guidance Present
The unveiling ceremony of the four-volume “Razavi Book of Wisdom" was held in the presence of the Culture Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Ayatollah Ray Shahri and Hujjat Al Islam Ghara’ati in the Scientific and Cultural Organization Dar Al Hadith, Qom.

Based on the report prepared by Public Relations Office of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Qom, the unveiling ceremony of the four-volume "Razavi Book of Wisdom", the latest work of Holy Quran and Hadith Institute, will be held on Wednesday, the 17th of Dey in the presence of Ayatollah Ray shahri, Hojjat al-Islam Gharaati and Dr. Seyed Abbas Salehi, Deputy Minister of Culture and a group of researchers, seminarians and students.
Razavi Book of Wisdom consists of a prelude, eight parts and 45 chapters. In the beginning, a brief outline has been provided about Imam Reza’s life (peace be upon him), the period of his leadership, His Compulsory journey to Khorasan, assent to Ma'mun’s authority, his practical and scientific magnificence, the hadiths quoted from him, his martyrdom and Pilgrimage to his holy shrine. Then the wise words left by him on reason, science, faith, politics, religion and medicine and ethics are reported in a novel order in eight parts.
 A large part of this book is allocated to the debates and questions and answers of Razavi which happened in Marv and includes a lot of philosophies and discusses questions and doubts about monotheism, leadership and other intellectual challenges.
The inclusion of all the Razavi narratives in one series and giving them a logical sequence and order has been the main goal of the present book of wisdom. Maybe, some of these narratives can be found in other sources too, but not in the logical order provided in the present book. In some sources, the narratives about his holiness Imam Reza are juxtaposed with narratives about other imams. Therefore, the purpose of bringing these narratives in order, giving them an organized shape and determining the Shiite legacy Imam Reza (AS) hadiths necessitated the compilation and publication of “Razavi book of wisdom”.
Razavi Book of Wisdom has been published in four volumes in Arabic and Persian by the Sciences and Hadith research institute under the supervision of Ayatollah Mohammadi Ray Shahri.

Jan 24, 2015 10:18


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