“A Letter to Imam Reza (A.S)” Festival Becomes International

“A Letter to Imam Reza (A.S)” Festival Becomes International
After 9 years, the successful national festival of “A Letter to Imam Reza (A.S)” will be held internationally this year. The representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader in Mazandaran province unveiled the decree of the festival.

As reported by the News Department of Imam Reza (A.S) International Foundation, “A Letter to Imam Reza (A.S)” is one of the subcategories of Imam Reza (A.S) International Festival, which has been held 9 times so far by the General Office of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Mazandaran province with 306000 participants.
The festival is focused on propagating and disseminating Razavi culture, and development of activities related to Razavi lifestyle, particularly Imam Reza’s life. Different age groups can participates in the festival of “A Letter to Imam Reza (A.S)”.  The selected winners will be awarded a total cash prize of 90 million Rials, in addition to having their work published in the book of the festival’s selected works.
The call for submissions was published on the holy Prophet’s and Imam Jafar Sadeq’s (A.S.) birthday, in Persian, Arabic, and English.
Moreover, Mazandaran sub-domain of the festival website (http://mazandaran.shamstoos.ir/fa/home) started working, in which visitors can check the call for submissions.
In this regard, Ayatollah Noor Allah Tabarsi said: “Islam is the second largest religion after Christianity in terms of its followers. I hope all Muslims unite and struggle against the obstacles.”
Regarding split as the most problematic issues in Muslim world, he added: “our letter to Imam Reza (A.S) is about asking him to accept us as his servants. We thank God for being Twelver Shiites (Ithna Ashariya).”

An International Festival
The director of Imam Reza (A.S) International Foundation Seyed Javad Jafari, said: “Imam Reza (A.S) International Festival is held in 200 countries; the geographical coverage of the festival is one of its salient features.”
“52% of the festival is held by people themselves, which is another distinguishing feature of the festival” he added.
The secretary of Imam Reza (A.S) International Festival also said, “Even when ‘A letter to Imam Reza (A.S)’ was not an international festival, we received many letters from different countries. Thus we decided to hold the festival internationally this year.”
Dissatisfaction with the reduction of the budget of Imam Reza (A.S) International Festival
Seyed Ramezan Shojaee Kiasari, a member of cultural commission of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, said: “The budget allocated to Imam Reza (A.S) International Festivalis reduced in comparison with that of last year, therefore we objected to this decision.”
The representative of Sari and Mian Do Rood added: “In the Joint Commission, we try to increase the budge of the festival.”
The collaboration of the Islamic Culture and Communications Organization with
“A Letter to Imam Reza (A.S)” Festival
Mahmood Vaezi, the Secretary of the International Committee of Imam Reza (A.S) Festival, said: “Imam Reza (A.S) International Festival has been held internationally for six years, and many countries are involved in the festival.”
Referring to the fact that Ahl al-Bayt have their special place in Muslim world, he added: “there was no Muslim in Nigeria before the Islamic Revolution of Iran; however, now there are 10 million Shiites in Nigeria.”
Stating that our lives should be devoted to Imam Reza (A.S), Vaezi also said: “we have to work harder in this regard, since we are far from truly serving our Imams.”
The Advisor to the head of Islamic Culture and Communications Organization added: “it is an honor for us to receive and evaluate the letters from around the world here in Mazandaran.” The Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, along with the General Office of Cultural and Social affairs of the Iranians Living Abroad, and the General Office of Cultural and Artistic Cooperation contribute in holding the festival.
Unveiling the decree of “A Letter to Imam Reza (A.S)” Festival
At the end of the ceremony, the decree of the festival was unveiled with Ayatollah Noor Allah Tabarsi present. In this ceremony, in addition to the mentioned authorities, Ali Younesi, the Political- Security Deputy of Mazandaran Governor, Hojjat al-Islam Ali Qafari, the head of Seminaries for Women in Mazandaran, and Hojjat al-Islam Abbas Ali Ibrahimi, the General Manager of the Islamic Culture and Guidance of Mazandaran were also present.
Those interested in participating in Imam Reza (A.S) International Festival can contact us at http://www.shamstoos.ir/en/home.

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