Abrahamic-Non-Abrahamic Religions Division Not Accurate, Says Author of “Two Nations Leader”

Abrahamic-Non-Abrahamic Religions Division Not Accurate, Says Author of  “Two Nations Leader”
The Secretary of the Commission for Higher Quranic Education and Research Development said that dividing religions into two categories of Abrahamic religions and non-Abrahamic which have been mainly introduced by Western scholars is not accurate according to the holy Quran, because all religions owe much to prophet Abraham and this is not limited only to the Abrahamic religions.

“The character of the Prophet (greeting to him and his family) is in the generation of prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and he is respected by world's major religions including Judaism, Christianity and Islam” said the author of "The Two Nations leader, Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) and Imam Reza (A.S.)" in response to the question that why Islam is an Abrahamic religion, on the occasion of birth anniversary of the Prophet.

“It needs to be said that dividing religions into two categories of Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic has been done by Western scientists and according to Quran, this division is not accurate. The great Ibrahim's right on great religious faith through reason and intellectual argument is not limited solely to the Abrahamic religions” he added.

The head of Coordination, Development, Research and Higher Koran education also said: “Based on the words of philosopher Allama Zolfonun Sharany, it can be said that the world governors’ arguments and proofs has been led through Abraham's faith and unity to reason and argument. The Abraham right is not only in practice but also is in reason and intellect.”

“About four thousand years ago, Abraham raised the Flag of wisdoms, justice in this land. He is the Prophet of the monotheistic arguments and his arguments and debates with Azar, idolaters, star-worshippers, and Nimrod is valid and respected among different religions” said Khoushmanesh, talking about the character of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.).

“Abraham understood civilizations, faiths and different colors o piety and worship, and apart from Mesopotamia, he also went to Syria and Egypt, the cultural zones of the time. Then he built the House of God in a scorching desert so that the prophet of Muslim nation comes from the generations of this great Prophet and the First Prophet” he added.

Considering the meaning of “Hannif religion” in Quran, this doctor of Quranic Sciences and Traditions said: “When we put a compass on the floor, the needle moves to one side to find the right direction and to prove a point."Hannif" is when the original point and just is found. The great Ibrahim (A.S.) is the Prophet of unity and tendency of mind to nature and intellect and he set the foundation of the Hannif faith”.

In response to the question of “What does the nation of Abraham in the Quran mean?",  Khoushmanesh said: “Ibrahim nation means the religion which has been remained by the Prophet Abraham (A.S.) ,left and handed to the Prophet Ismail and Muhammad and then has come to us”.

It needs to be mentioned that the book "The Two Nations Leaders, Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) and Imam Reza (A.S.) has been published by the publication of International Foundation of Imam Reza (A.S.).

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