Imam Reza (A.S.) Savior of My Son, says Mother of Martyr Ahmad Keshvari

Imam Reza (A.S.) Savior of My Son, says Mother of Martyr Ahmad Keshvari
On a cold autumn day when it’s raining, we travel 14 kilometers to the north of Ghaemshahr and arrive at the City of Simorgh (the former Kiakola).

From a distance, a helicopter above Shariati Square catches our eyes; when we get closer, we begin to take pride in the greatness of this fighter and the heroism of Iranian pilots.
The address of the house in which the mother of the martyrs Ahmad and Mohammad Keshvari lives is straightforward. It is in an alley with the same name as that of the martyrs, a few meters away from Keshvari Square.
A Picture of the martyrs is on the exterior wall of the house which attracts our attention. Ahead, we see a black flag of Muharram installed above the entrance to the house. The martyrs’ sister welcomes us.
When we enter the house Mrs "Fatemeh Silakhori" the martyrs’ mother is expecting us. We give Quds newspaper to Hajiyah Mrs. Silakhori. Her eyes fill with Tears of delight when she sees the newspaper and she says happily: "Imam Reza was the savior of my son."
Ahmad is cured
“Me and my husband "Gholam Hossein Keshvari" were from Boroojerd and because of his career who worked at the gendarmerie, we had to travel to most parts of the country including Kiakola and then we stayed in this city forever” The martyrs' mother tells us. In 1332, two years after our arrival here, my first child was born, and my father called him Ahmad.
“Ahmad was 4 months old and he was always sick. We were very worried because we thought what had happened to my husband’s parents might happen to us, too. Among the 12 children they had had, all had died at an early age except for Gholam Hossein.”
“I had a dream one night about three good looking men. In my dream, I realized that they were Imam Ali (A.S), Imam Hussein (as) and Imam Reza (as). So I seized the opportunity and talked about Ahmad's illnesses with them. Imam Reza (A.S) answered with a sweet pacifying voice: "I save your Ahmad" and then the next morning, I told my husband about this dream; after that, Ahmad was cured forever.”
“That day I decided to shave off Ahmad’s hair after 7 years and to donate as much silver to Imam Reza holy shrine as Ahmad’s weight. When Ahmad was 22 years old, he called from Kermanshah once and said that he would come and take me to Mashhad and that was when I could finally pay my old debt to Imam Reza (A.S). Ahmad had particular interest to the timpanist of women in the shrine and asked many question about them out of curiosity.
 They no longer see me!
“Ahmad began his struggles against the regime of Shah when he was in class 10 and when got his diploma he entered the University, but because he didn’t want to impose his educational expenses on the family, he entered the army in 1351 (Air force) and became a pilot” says the mother of the martyred pilot, Ahmad Keshvari.
“Every time he wanted to go, he did not say goodbye, but when he was leaving for the last time, he said goodbye to everyone and took pictures with every member of the family and said to his father, "You won’t see me anymore" and when he saw that his father was sad he said, "I was joking dad" and 45 days later he was martyred.”
“Before Ahmad’s martyrdom, we were at my daughter’s in Qom. That was where I had a dream in which the room has become full of light and four dear ladies, dressed me in black, and it was then I woke up with a scream and three days after my dream, my son Ahmad was martyred.”

When Islam is in danger, I do not want this chest!
“During the early months of war, that the army and Basij had not been formed yet, Cobra fighters had the task of carrying food, ammunition and the casualties, unloading troops and defending the territories of the Islamic Iran and at that time Ahmad flew about 12 hours a day. So much flight was contrary to the flight rules and principles, but Ahmad did not adhere to the standards because of his love for his country.”
In the Operation of Breaking the siege of Paveh, in which there was only a 5% possibility of victory, the efforts of Chamran martyr and Ahmad led to a 100% success and from that day on, Chamran always talked of martyr Keshvari as the bright star of the western region of the country. During the 75 days of his service in the borders of Ilam, he patrolled 430 kilometers of the territories of his homeland and did not allow the enemy to invade his country.
When Saddam the Yankee raided Iran, Ahmad was expecting his last surgery to remove shrapnel from his chest, but the day after hearing the news of Saddam's invasion he left for the frontline.
He was told to stay and leave after his surgery, but he had answered: "When Islam is in danger, I don't want this chest."
He went to the front and fought as bravely as before. He turned the western deserts of Iran into the cemeteries of the enemy tanks and soldiers.
On Azar the 15th, 1359, when he was coming back victorious from a very difficult mission, he was unfairly attacked in "Bina strait" in Meimak region, Ilam, by the mercenary Ba'athist fighters. Although his helicopter was on fire after being hit by two MIG rockets, he managed to fly it back to the Iran’s positions and then plummeted down in his homeland. He drank from the bowl of sweet martyrdom and was buried in part 24 in Behesht-e Zahra.
I couldn't visit Ahamd’s tomb until 40 days after his martyrdom for we had to attend various ceremonies held in numerous parts of the country in his honor.
And then Mohammad followed his brother, Ahmad.
“In 1361, Mohammed, who was less than 17 years old and studied Agricultural Engineering in Karaj, came to us 25 days before the second anniversary of Ahmad’s martyrdom of to ask for our permission to go to the front. I told him: “It’s your brother’s Anniversary, where do you want to go?” He begged me so much that I finally consented. He left and was joined his martyred brother in Muharram Operations carried out in Qasr-e Shirin.”
At the end of our interview with Mrs. Silakhori, we go to «the martyr’s room», where many officials have written lines in memory of the martyrs in the martyr's memorial book.

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