Islamic Lifestyle Features in Imam Hassan Mojtaba (A.S) Life

Islamic Lifestyle Features in Imam Hassan Mojtaba (A.S) Life
There are valuable quotes ascribed to Imam Hassan Mojtaba (A.S), including his words on making friends and its manners. Making friends and having interactions with others are inevitable to humanbeings. Psychologically, one’s emergence of talents is dependent on his feeling of security and belonging to a group in which he feels comfortable, and in which he can easily express his opinions.

Therefore, making friends is one of the most important activities in life, particularly because a friend deeply influences one’s life toward corruption or righteousness. That is why Imam Hassan Mojtaba (A.S) stressed the importance of friend-making in an advice to his son: “Dear son, do not make friends with someone unless you are well aware of his characteristics and his friends, and once you carefully checked them out, base your friendship on forgiving each other’s mistakes and helpfulness in hardships.”
Referring to the necessity of making friends, this noble Hadith states the manners as follows: before making friends, one has to test his friend and make sure of his goodness. And after making friends, the two must make a vow to base their friendship on forgiveness, and also be friends in need-not just friends in happiness.

Not to worry about earnings
One of the major concerns in life is providing the family’s necessary supplies. Now the question is how to turn this concern into peacefulness? In other words, what logical ideas can help us resolve this problem?
In a Hadith, Imam Hassan Mojtaba (A.S) clarifies the doctrinal framework of how to confront this problem: “Do not strive for worldly matters as the victors do, and do not depend on your fate as the losers do. Since seeking God’s munificence is a tradition, and avoiding greedis a virtue. Virtue does not put aside provision, and greed does not add to it, for provision is pre-determined, and greed is a sin.”
The logic of this valuable hadith is that people must believe that everybody is allocated a predetermined provision. Therefore, being greedy in gaining provision does not increase it. However, this fate and determined provision does not mean that people can live a lazy life and they do not have to try anymore, for in Holy Quran, God says that “And that man shall have nothing but what he strives for".
Now how can we add up the deterministic approach and that of working and trying? The answer to this fundamental question is that the belief in destiny and fate is a wise and logical belief, and many versus have referred to it. But God’s tradition in creation is that even the guidance or misdirection is people’s own choice. Therefore, fate of provision means that creation is based on a determined and certain framework, and there are solutions for all creatures to meet their needs. However, the mischievousness of some people deprives others from their provision, and make some full and obese.

The Story of Shami Man

A man from Sham went to Medina and encountered Imam Hassan (A.S) politely. He asked others for his name, and they replied: “He is Hassan Ibn Ali Ibn Abitaleb”.
As he found out about his lineage, he started insulting Imam (A.S) and his gracious father. Imam Mojtaba (A.S) patiently remained silent. Once he stopped talking, Imam (A.S) told him “I suppose you are a stranger in this town”.
He replied:” yes.”
Imam (A.S) said:” if you need a place to stay, we will give you a house, and if you need money, we will give you some, and if you need anything else, we can help you.”
Seeing Imam’s generosity, the Shami man was embarrassed and described himself as “I left there and I felt that no one on earth was dearer to me than Imam Hassan (A.S)”.

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