Significance of Pilgrimage to Master of Martyrs’ Shrine

Significance of Pilgrimage to Master of Martyrs’ Shrine
Imam Sadigh (A.S) said: “if one of you goes to Mecca on pilgrimage, and does not visit Imam Hussein’s holy shrine, he has denied one of Prophet Mohammad’s rights; since visiting Imam Hussein’s holy shrine is a duty which is obligatory for every Muslim.”

With Arbaeen gradually approaching, everywhere is in an uproar; every devoted lover is trying to participate in Arbaeen march to Karbala.
In part of his great book” Jaame a Sa’adat”, Mulla Mahdi Naraqi has written about “why the pilgrimage and how to do it”, parts of which we consider below:
“Know that as strong and holy souls, particularly the prophets’ and Imams’ souls, when separate from their noble bodies, and ascend to the abstract Universe, and eventually find dominance and superiority over this world, the affairs of this world unveil before them, and they will have the ability to interfere with and influence the worldly affairs. Therefore, they are aware of everybody who goes on pilgrimage to their shrines. Especially since their shrines are the places where their sacred and noble souls and their luminous and purgatory souls are present, hence they are there: “Surely, they are alive (and) are provided sustenance from their Lord.”
And they are pleased with what Lord grants them from His grace and munificence; so they are thoroughly aware of their pilgrims and whoever present at their shrines, and hear the questions, resorts, supplications, and asking for intercession, and the breeze of their munificence blow on their pilgrims, and the rays of their generosity shines upon them, and they ask God tofulfill their needs, forgive their sins, resolve their troubles and alleviate their grievances. That is the secret of the emphasis on visiting the Prophet’s and Imams’ holy shrines.
Visiting Imams’ holy shrines means establishing links with them, and doing benefaction towards them. Furthermore, it pleases them and is renewing Wilayat (guardianship) vow and renewing their words, as well as repressing and silencing their enemies. Are not these affairs great awards, and the most noble of the rewards and prayers? Visiting believers’ shrines has so much reward, only because they are believers, and it has been much emphasized and recommended in pure Sharia. That is why the alive visit the tombs of their dead, and it has become so common that it is considered a natural tradition. And it helps to glorify the believer’s position before God, and rewards for having a connection with him, doing benefaction to him and pleasing him.
And since the believer’s faith is as such only because he is a believer, then what do you think about a person whom God has preserved from committing any errors and purified from the filth of the sins, and selected him over all other creatures, and placed him as a symbol for all the world, and regarded him as the pioneer of the believers and the leader of the Muslims, and created the sky and the earth for him, and considered him as the right path and the reason, and, among all the messengers, prophets, Imams and Saints, placed him as the door through which they enter, the light from which they are illuminated, and also the trustworthy of his country, and the link between Him and the servants.
And there are many assertions about the significance of visiting Prophet Mohammad’s and Imams’ holy shrines. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: “visiting my shrine after my death is as if one has visited me during my life, and if you cannot do it, send greetings and blessings to me; I receive your greetings.” And he told Imam Ali (A.S):” O Ab al-Hasan! Great God has made your shrine and your descendants’ shrines a house among houses of heaven, and an arena among arenas of heaven, and draws the selected servants’ hearts towards you so that they can tolerate the insults and humiliations they are confronted with, and build your tombs, and visit them to get closer to God and enjoy companionship of his Prophet (PBUH). O Ali! Those people are peculiar to my intercession, and they will enter to my pond and will be my neighbors in heaven.”
“O Ali! Whoever repairs and preserves their tombs, is like the one who helped Solomon, David’s son, with building Bayt al-Moqadas, and visiting your shrines is equal to 70 times pilgrimage to Hajj. And he is purified of his sins like when he was born until when he returns from visiting your shrine. Glad tidings; you will receive blessings no eye has seen, and no ear has heard, and no mind has thought of. But the thugs and punks blame the visitors of your tombs, as they blame a strumpet. They are the worst of my people, who will not receive my intercession and will not enter my pond.”
Imam Sadegh (A.S) said: “if one of you goes to Mecca on pilgrimage, and does not visit Imam Hussein’s holy shrine, he has denied one of Prophet Mohammad’s rights; since visiting Imam Hussein’s holy shrine is a duty which is obligatory for every Muslim.” And Imam Reza (A.S) said:” every Imam has a right on his followers and Shiites, and to acknowledge that right and fulfilling the vow, Muslims have to visit his shrine, and whoever visits his shrine willingly, the Prophet (PBUH) and Imams will be his intercessors on the Day of Judgment.”

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