The Secret Why All Martyrs through History Envy Abu Al-Fazl Al-Abbas (PBUH)

The Secret Why All Martyrs through History Envy Abu Al-Fazl Al-Abbas (PBUH)
Besides all the pain and innocence in Karbala, one name awakens the spirit of pride and bravery in all mourning hearts, and that is no one but Abu al-Fazl al-Abbas (PBUH), he who in spite losing both of his hands in the path of love,...

During the last 14 centuries, many in the world have been requesting their wishes from him. In the occasion of the evening of Hussein's Tasua, which belongs to this holy  man (PBUH), we interviewed Ayatollah Ruhoallah Gharahi, senior professor of morals in seminary, about the position of the flag-holder of Karbala among all the martyrs through history. What follows is a comprehensive version of this interview.
Among all martyrs of Karbala Ghamar Bani Hashim [Moon of the Heshimites tribe] (PBUH) is a very unique name, his holiness is named Babul Havaij [The door to fulfilling needs], what is the reason for this high position,‎ virtue and grandeur?
He is the son of Amir al-Muminin (PBUH), and in fact he is from the infallible family; it is important that we realize the status of his father and that from such a virtuous father who has power over all the world, a son named Ghamar Bani Hashim (PBUH) was born.
Another distinct characteristic of him is his mother, Um al-Banin (SA), who is one of the most respectful ladies and people in the world. Therefore with a father like Amir al-Muminin (PBUH) and a mother like Um al-Banin (SA) it is clear that an exceptional individual character such as Ghamar Bani Hashim (PBUH) is created.
It should be pointed out that first of all, as for his level of knowledge he was raised and grown up at the presence of his dear father, Amir al-Muminin (PBUH), who possessed a divine knowledge, science and wisdom. He had also benefited from the presence of the infallible Imams (PBUT) who were Imam Mujtaba (PBUH) and Seyed Al-Shuhada (PBUH).
It is narrated in authentic books that, as a bird directly feeds his hatchling, the Imams (PBUT) had passed their knowledge and their secrets to Ghamar Bani Hashim (PBUH). However the important point here is that despite such a position, he has never seen himself in the same rank and position as his Imam brothers which shows his dignity.
Is theosophy anything but that a person grows to higher positions of knowledge? His holiness Ghamar Bani Hashim (PBUH) never compared himself with his brothers, he knew that their mother is the daughter of Prophet (PBUH). Historians have recorded that whenever he was with his brothers (PBUT), he never called them "brother", but instead he would say "Moylayi and Sayadi [sir and majesty]".
This means that he knew his status, and he reminded this fact to his other brothers Jafar, Usman, and Abd Ullah; which is a practical theosophical lesson that requires reflection.
Are there any notable examples of this respect and politeness in the lifestyle of his holiness (PBUH), specially during the event of Karbala, which history has recounted?
Yes, it is recounted that when Shemr gave him a letter of security (intending for both separating him from Seyed Al-Shuhada (PBUH) and because of his kinship) he was very angry and he said, "God damn you, how should we be secure when the son of the daughter of the last Prophet of God (PBUH) is not secure?!"
Or it is stated that Seyed Al-Shuhada (PBUH) has told Ghamar Bani Hashim (PBUH): "Get on the horse, May I be Your Ransom!" His status must be so high that Imam (PBUH) has used such an expression for him.
Furthermore, in all circumstances, his holiness, called Seyed Al-Shuhada (PBUH), as the son of the daughter of the Prophet (PBUH) and has never called him brother which is the highest rank of wisdom...
It is also narrated elsewhere that Seyed Al-Shuhada (PBUH) has told his holiness (PBUH) that, "If you can, convince the enemy to give us the chance for tonight to pray." Hazrat Abu al-Fazl went to the enemy's army and asked them for this opportunity and interestingly enough the enemy defers against his rank and grants them a one night stand, while his holiness introduces himself as a servant of hazrat Seyed Al-Shuhada (PBUH).
In the battlefield and during the uproar speeches of Ghamar Bani Hashim (PBUH), how his love and devotion to Imam Hussein (PBUH) is manifested?
All the matters that we see in his (PBUH) bravery and patience are because of his high rank of wisdom, this is why when they are leaving Mecca and are going to Karbala, Seyed Al-Shuhada (PBUH) says, "Where is my brother and my hidden moon? Where is my shelter and my friend?"
One of the other matters that should be observed about the wisdom of Ghamar Bani Hashim (PBUH) is his speeches; his high rank in wisdom will also be understood from his speeches during the day of Ashura. Once he reaches the river of Furat, apparently logic rules that he satisfies his thirst, but passion and wisdom say that you are not allowed to drink even though you are thirsty and you have fought a battle, there he brags to himself: "O' self, what is the meaning of living after Imam (PBUH)? After him you may not be alive to see the life, your Imam is in difficulties and you want to drink cold water? It is impossible, this does not exist in my culture and in my religious customs, and this is not acceptable form a man who is honest in his beliefs".
Or when they cut his hand, he refers to the enemy and says, "Swear to God, that if you cut my right hand, in all conditions I will defend my religion, my rightful Imam and the son of Prophet (PBUH) ".
This means the complete theosophy even when facing the people of disbelief and hypocrisy, since his holiness is aware that there is only one Imam and the rest are his people, even when he himself is of high ranks.
In another boastful speech against the enemy, he says, “O’ Self! Do not fear these unbelievers. I give you the hope of the Almighty God. You will rest in paradise beside the prophet of Allah. They revolted against us and cut my left hand. Oh my dear Lord! Take them all to the burning fire of hell”.    
Or when he is entering the battlefield, he gives this speech, "Today, with full confidence and a calm heart, I will sacrifice myself and will fight you hard to defend the son of Prophet (PBUH), I will hit you with the sword endlessly until you stop the war with my lord and master (even here he does not say brother), I am Abbas the one who owns the love and affection of Ahl al-Bayt (PBUT), I am the son of the infallible and chaste Amir (that means I have the bravery of Amir al-Muminin (PBUH))..."
All of these speeches are signs for the high rank of wisdom of Hazrat Abu al-Fazl al-Abbas (PBUH), and that he has reached the highest ranks of knowledge.

What is the position and rank of Ghamar Bani Hashim (PBUH) among the Infallible Imams (PBUT) and how do they present him?
His wisdom rank is so high that even for Hazrat Ali Akbar (PBUH), there are no such positions as those of Ghamar Bani Hashim (PBUH); Imam Sajad (PBUH) says, "God bless my uncle who had sacrificed his life for his brother, his hands where cut off from his body, God gave him wings instead of his hands so that he can fly among the angels in the heaven just as he had gave them to Jafar ibn-Abi-Taleb. Indeed Abbas (PBUH) has such a dignity in the presence of Allah that all martyrs will envy him at the event of the resurrection day".
Imam Sadigh (PBUH) says, "Our uncle Abbas (PBUH) was like this, he had sharp eyes and a firm belief, he prayed with Imam (PBUH), he proudly passed the test and finally he was martyred".
In his pilgrimage chants we read, “Greetings to you, the competent servant and the obedient of God!”
It is important that we need two wings in the path of serving Allah; politeness and obedience, and Ghamar Bani Hashim (PBUH) was in the highest ranks of both, this is why Seyed Al-Shuhada (PBUH) says at his bed side, "Right now my back is broken, and I have no support left!".
All of these are the results of the high wisdom and theosophical rank of Ghamar Bani Hashim (PBUH) as a role model in Krabala and during the event of Ashura, his practical model should be defined and promoted.
They say "Every day is Ashura, and every land is Karbala" which means that every day we should progress to being more like Abbas (PBUH), although no one could be like him in politeness and in obedience.
We know that his holiness Imam Zaman (PBUH) subsequently as the last divine authority, is Baghiyat Allah, and that he needs companions who are in highest ranks of faith, purity and obedience; therefore, his holiness has repeatedly intended to teach this to others that if you want to be among my companions you should be faithful like my uncle Ghamar Bani Hashim (PBUH).
The knowledgeable paraphrase that in other words Hazrat Hujat (PBUH) is recommending that if you want to be with me you should reach the degree of faith the same as that of Abu Al-Fazl (PBUH).

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