Dr. Edgardo Robin: Ahl al-Bayt Culture Is Very demanding In Latin America

Dr. Edgardo Robin: Ahl al-Bayt Culture Is Very demanding In Latin America
"Promoting Ahl al-Bayt culture is very influential in Latin America" said Dr. Edgardo Robin (Soheil Asaad) in a press conference in Mashhad.

Dr. Edgardo Robin (Soheil Asaad) is from Argentina. He has spent 17 years of his life educating in Qom Seminary. He has established Islamic and cultural centers in Latin America, including such countries as Brazil, Chili, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Nicaragua, Kuba, Mexico, etc., for promoting Islam. Teaching in 80 universities in Spain and holding discussion meetings among religions of Christian and Islam, and active presence in public media and translating Islamic passages are some of his activities, to name a few.
"Promoting Virtuous Imams’ culture requires human force and economic facilities, and there are limitations regarding both of them in Latin America. For instance, there are only three clergymen in whole 25 countries of Latin America that propagate Ahl al-Bayt teachings" emphasized Asad, believing Ahl al-Bayt culture to be a widespread culture.
"Fortunately, people who have turned to Islam in these regions are now acting as propagators of Islam themselves" he said, believing in influential effect of propagating Ahl al-Bayt culture in Latin America, especially among educated and elite groups.
"One of our main problems in propagating Islam in Latin America is the widespread media propaganda against the Ahl al-Bayt's school of thought and Islam, resistance against which requires qualified management" reminded Rubin.

Sep 30, 2014 09:38


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