53 Non-Iranian Bloggers Participates in International Razavi Blogging Festival

53 Non-Iranian Bloggers Participates in International Razavi Blogging Festival
“The participation of 53 non-Iranian bloggers from 10 countries was the turning point of the 9th International Razavi Blogging Festival” announced the secretary of the festival.

“Many attempts were made to introduce and attract more foreign bloggers than the previous years” added Captain A. Kothari, commander of the Vali Asr Basij regiment and the secretary of the festival in the closing ceremony of the 9th International Razavi Blogging Festival.
 “The festival was held in line with the main strategy of Vali Asr regiment based on promotion of Islamic lifestyle and training top corps like that of Islamic Revolution, and could well pass its administrative procedures; today its last station is to introduce the winners,” he continued.
 “This year, 389 works in national and 53 in international section of the festival were sent to the secretariat with the international works to be in Farsi, Arabic, English, Portuguese, and Spanish,” he explained, referring to the works received by the secretariat.
 “From among Festival themes were fashion from Imam Reza’s (AS) point of view, Razavi lifestyle, citizen ethics in Islamic lifestyle, economic model for the family in Razavi style, style of increasing population, appropriate model of the family in the lifestyle of Imam Reza (AS) and other Imams, joy in Ahlul Bayt lifestyle, dietary habits and feeding in the lifestyle of Imams (AS)” added the commander.
  “The received works were evaluated in terms of content and technique by the Seminary of Musa-ibn-Ja'far (AS) and the secretariat,” said Kothari.
 “A total of 88 top blogs were chosen for which 80 prizes were considered, including grants for trip to Mashhad, 8 Special awards and cash bounties. Additionally, there were three special gifts for Non-Iranian bloggers” he added.

Sep 22, 2014 11:08


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