A Japanese Muslim takes part in “A letter to Imam Reza Festival”

A Japanese Muslim takes part in “A letter to Imam Reza Festival”
A Japanese national who has converted to Shi’ism, in a letter addressed to Imam Reza (AS) has written Imam Reza I always miss you very much.

According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, a Japanese computer engineer, after studying Islam and Iranian culture, converted to Islam in the northwestern city of Astara and changed his name Atsushi to Reza. Mr. Reza Nakane, a computer tradesman has a trade partner in Astara and for the past 7 years he has been traveling back and forth between Astara and Tokyo. During his stay in Iran, he became interest in Islam and finally last year converted to Islam at the seminary school in Astara. Because of his deep affection to Imam Reza (AS), he has written a letter to Imam Reza attending the Festival of “A Letter to Imam Reza”. His letter reads as follows: In the Name of God At nights of the Holy Mashhad Wherever I am and whatever I am doing I can always see the lights of your Holy Shrine The light is a reflection of you The light of compassion and tranquility That endless light, reaches everywhere Even the end of the world’s eastern part, where I live Whenever I close my eyes I can see your light At that same time, my heart feels calm I feel a sense of piety And I feel I miss you very much But my wise Imam Please lit up my path My passionate Imam Please protect me with your light

Sep 4, 2014 11:53


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