Razavi Culture Weeks

Instruction Manual of Holding Weeks of Razavi  Culture and Lifestyle

In order to enforce the law approved by Policymaking Council of the International Festival of Imam Reza (PBUH) and the decisions of the festival’s Council of Counselors, it is necessary for the Imam Reza's International Foundation Arts and Culture to hold the Weeks of Razavi Culture and Lifestyle. This event is held annually under the supervision of Imam Reza International Foundation of Arts and Culture and with the participation of the capital cities of the provinces. Undoubtedly, the Weeks of Razavi Culture and Lifestyle paves the way to spread the lifestyle and conduct of Ahl al-Bayt  in all aspects of believers’ lives in the Islamic society. Based on the Foundation’s policies, the Weeks of Razavi Culture and Lifestyle have persistent and strategic goals that can be adapted to and localized based on the needs of each province and policies of the Foundation.

Article1) Goals
1- Providing the necessary condition to spread the glorious Razavi Culture
2- Propagating the principles of the Islamic lifestyle with an emphasis on Imam Reza’s (PBUH) lifestyle and conduct
3- Deepening and spreading the great teachings of the holy school of Ahl al-Bayt (PBUT)

Article2) Pillars
1. The Workgroup of the weeks of Razavi Culture:
This workgroup, with the membership of the general director of the Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry of Iran in the directing provinces and the representative of the Foundation’s secretariat in each province, is supposed to establish guidelines for holding these Weeks.
2. Central Headquarters: It consists of experts and related authorities who are settled in Imam Reza International Foundation of Arts and Culture and have the following responsibilities:
I. To set policies and supervise the administration of the Weeks of Razavi Culture and Lifestyle according to the  instruction given by the Foundation
II. To Compile the necessary regulations and standards needed for holding the Weeks of Razavi Culture and Lifestyle for each edition of the Festival
III. To dispatch preachers, Quran readers, poets and artists at the Foundation discretion or the provinces’ request
IV. To dispatch supervisors when the Weeks of Razavi Culture and Lifestyle are being held in order to evaluate their performance and to choose the best province
V.  To define qualitative and quantitative parameters to evaluate and select the most successful province in holding the Weeks of Razavi Culture and Lifestyle
VI. To send related files and packages to be exhibited

3- Content Determining Commission: This commission is responsible to direct the Weeks of Razavi Culture and Lifestyle’s general plan for its content and to develop the quality of programs in provinces. The most important responsibility of this commission is to localize the cultural activities related to Razavi Culture Week throughout each province.
4- Provincial Executive Headquarters: This center is responsible for executive affairs regarding good organization of the programs and supervising good behavior towards guests and the audience of the programs of this week. The members are:

I.  General Director of the Culture and Islamic Guidance Office of the province (the manager)
II.  One person chosen by General Culture Council of the province, preferably this person should know Razavi science and knowledge
III.  Missionary representative from the Foundation
IV.  A representative from the central religious school of the province
V.  A representative from the Secretariat of the Foundation in the province (The Executive Secretary of the Weeks of Razavi Culture and Lifestyle)
VI. Members of provincial committee according to article 2, part VII, Instruction Manual  of Organizing Imam Reza’s (PBUH) International Festival
VII.  Other members will be from in and out of the headquarters at General Director’s discretion

Article3) Responsibilities of the Provincial Executive Headquarters
1- Introducing the content of the Week of Razavi Culture and Lifestyle in General Culture Council and Official Council]of the province[ to attract the cooperation of cultural and executive organizations
2- Advertising and announcing the programs of Razavi Culture and Lifestyle’s Week
3- Magnificent performance of the programs of Razavi Culture and Lifestyle’s Week, emphasizing on specialized meetings by the attendance of outstanding and popular lecturers working in the area of Razavi Culture.
4- Venerating guests and elites
5- Organizing the commission to determine the content in the province which is responsible for holding the Razavi Culture and Lifestyle’s Week with the presence of outstanding scientific, cultural, and other figures of the province
6- Presenting the subject and content of Razavi Culture and Lifestyle’s Week in General Culture Council of the province in the presence of the Foundation’s representative (one of the scientific board members) to state and advocate the programs’ content

7- Introducing the subject of the Razavi Culture and Lifestyle’s Week in province’s Official Council to utilize all of the province’s capacity while holding the ceremony
8- Planning to state Razavi Lifestyle with the presence of outstanding and specialized lecturers at universities, schools and cultural centers at Executive board discretion
9- Sending missionaries to public centers especially hospitals, retirement houses, prisons and other places in cooperation with the Islamic Propagation Organization of the province and related organizations
10- Coordinating with the province’s central Education Organization perform reciting Salawat  for Imam Reza and also having writing sessions with the subject of Razavi Culture in schools.

Note: If a program or competition is held that is somehow related to one of the subjects of Imam Reza’s (PBUH) International Festival’s programs and is about Razavi Lifestyle, the winners will be introduced to the provinces responsible for that program so that they can take part in Imam Reza’s (PBUH) International Festival.
11- Holding exhibitions at schools and universities, using files sent by Central Headquarters requested by the Foundation.
12- Setting up Razavi Knowledge Pavilions by Endowments and Charity Offices in cooperation with Basij  of the province (responsible for Salehin Circles) and using available experiences.
Note 1: Razavi Knowledge Pavilions must be set where people can easily visit and use them.
Note 2: In order to attract more cooperation by the Endowments and Charity Office in the province, necessary arrangements will be made by Imam Reza International Foundation of Culture and Arts with the Cultural Secretary of Endowments and Charity office to set up Razavi Knowledge Pavilions.
13- Allocating a suitable place for representative of Imam Reza International Foundation of Culture and Arts and opening an office for it in Razavi Culture Week.

Article4) Provinces responsible to organize Razavi Culture Week will annually be volunteered by the province itself and then it will be officially announced by the Foundation’s approval.
Article5) To enjoy the whole capacity of all the provinces of Iran, no province will hold the same program for two successive years.
Note 1: The provinces which are selected as the best province in organizing Razavi Culture Week are excepted from this article.
Note 2: The provinces that present a comprehensive, original and innovative plan to organize Razavi Culture Week, can be the fixed organizers of Razavi Culture Weeks every year.
Article6) Regarding the importance of spreading the Razavi lifestyle and conduct in everyday life throughout the year, the time of holding Razavi Culture Weeks will be held in other times than the Ten Days of Keramat.
Note: The days of Imam Reza’s (PBUH) martyrdom anniversary and Hadhrat Masoumeh’s decease have priority.
Article7) Selected provinces to organize Razavi Culture Week and the scheduled plan of Imam Reza’s (PBUH) International Festival will be announced after related executers’ approval.
Article8) This instruction has been planned and compiled by the workgroup of Razavi Culture Weeks and has been confirmed by the Scientific Board of Imam Reza International foundation Culture and Arts. This has been approved in Board of Directors’ meeting on May 03, 2014 and shall be enforced from that day on.

                Imam Reza (PBUH) International Foundation of Culture and Arts

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